Consultation & Implementation


"Bitsios&Partners" was founded to open up opportunities for entrepreneurs in the field of international business activities that are not clearly visible in the first place.

Our great team consists of six specialists and is currently being expanded to ten experts.

Based on 25 years of experience, we have a national and international network of lawyers, tax advisors, notaries, marketing, finance and real estate "masters", etc.

Our office in Shenzhen, the centre for the local tech and telecom industry, is your open gateway to China.

In the course of international business activities, we advise and support you, for example: in the acquisition of new customers, sales partners or investors, for "joint ventures", in the establishment of franchise systems, in tenders, in company start-ups and much more, in numerous countries.

In addition, we take on agendas and projects for investors, such as research activities, due diligence, and many more: Research activities, "due diligence" up to the handling of a company acquisition. This also eliminates the need to establish a branch office with office space and employees.


At the beginning, we develop the right strategy with you.

Which products and services should be offered and which countries are suitable?

Is direct marketing suitable or will sales be made via different distribution channels?

What role do social media play?

Are there local laws that must be observed in any case?

Preparations & implementation
Afterwards, we create the presentation and/or website suitable for the respective market or assist with adjustments.

Taking customer acquisition as an example, we add to your list those companies that are suitable potential customers for your products and services.


Once you have given your consent, we will begin the contacting process, directly contacting board members, managing directors or department heads and informing them of your products and services.
and inform them about your products and services.

You can always see in this list which companies and people we are in contact with and what feedback already exists.

As soon as we receive an interest and/or a request for quotation, we will forward it to you so that you can get all the details such as scope of delivery, price, delivery time, etc.: Scope of delivery, price, delivery date, etc. can be agreed directly.
Of course, we are also at your disposal during this process.


We are active in the following business sectors and topics, among others:

"tech", "IT" sector, in software development


Mechanical engineering


Real estate development


food sector

Alternative energies


Entertainment, including film & music

"Smart factory, Industry 4.0, etc.


Success stories
We have just been commissioned to find an investment opportunity of €15 million for the production of a new animated film.

We have just completed the first phase of attracting investors for €50 million in real estate projects.

A Finnish tech company is developing specialised software for automated parking and driving within the supply chain.
We have connected our client with the management of post&logistics companies, ports and the largest car producers. Currently, on the one hand, the first pilot projects are just starting and on the other hand, negotiations are being finalised.

A Greek tech company offers a special software for the hotel & catering industry for the "incentive" sector.
We have been able to win leading hotel and restaurant chains for the company.

We have linked another client with 400 automotive suppliers.

In recent years, we have succeeded in introducing and establishing several delicatessens in the food trade.

We accompany two young company founders during the entire process of founding a new high-quality fashion label, including the development and production of the new products.

We acquired numerous new customers for a Hungarian company in the field of hot-dip galvanising technology and in the area of gratings and staircase gratings.

For an Italian turning company, we have significantly expanded the number of existing customers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

For a tech company from Singapore, we are currently in the first phase of a new business start-up and market launch.

An Italian company produces high-quality, handmade bathroom accessories. New online shops were found in Germany.

We advised and supported a German venture capital company in raising € 2 million in capital.